• Fri. Sep 23rd, 2022

50 Turkish police will join border protection in Hungary

Interior Minister Sándor Pintér and his Turkish counterpart Suleyman Soylu on Friday signed a cooperation agreement on Turkish police forces supporting efforts to protect Hungary’s borders.

At an event after the signing ceremony, Pintér and Soylu greeted the police from the other country in their native language.

The ministry said the 50 Turkish police officers would serve respectively in Röszke and Nagylak, on the Serbian and Romanian border.

Pintér said border cooperation talks started in November, at an intergovernmental meeting of the Hungarian-Turkish high-level strategic cooperation council. Pintér and Soylu then agreed that stopping illegal migration, combating human trafficking and strengthening border security was a common duty, he said.

Therefore, Soylu offered to send Turkish units to cooperate at the Hungarian borders, he said.

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Hungarian troops will thus be able to use the experience of Turkish officers in the management of illegal migration on Turkey’s eastern borders, he said. The cooperation will also strengthen the fight against cross-border crime, he said.

Hungary and Turkey will also exchange technological know-how on combating cybercrime and drug-related crimes, Pintér said.

He thanked Soylu for Turkey’s help in preserving Hungarian and European security.

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Soylu noted that during the November meeting, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the coronavirus pandemic, illegal migration, energy supply issues and the resulting economic hardship were the main global challenges of the time. .

As a result, the world also has to deal with terrorism, drug crimes, cross-border crime and cybercrime, Soylu said. These problems cannot be solved without cooperation, he said.

Turkey participated in similar cooperation with Serbian authorities in 2019, he said. Turkish officers there have helped detain hundreds of illegal migrants and seize large amounts of drugs and weapons, he said. Hopefully the results will be just as good in Hungary, he said.

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Source: MTI