• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Baby P’s mum Tracey Connelly ‘seeks’ protection in Durham Jail amid stabbing fears

ByJanice K. Merrill

Apr 3, 2022

The mother of the tragic Baby P is said to have asked for protection at the North East prison where she is serving a sentence, fearing that other prisoners will attack her as her release date approaches.

In one of the UK’s most shocking child cruelty cases, Tracey Connelly’s son Peter, known as Baby P, died in agony after sustaining 50 horrific injuries at his home from North London.

The 17-month-old was found dead in a blood-splattered cot in 2007.

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His mother, Connelly, her lover Steven Barker and her brother Jason Owen have all been jailed for the baby boy’s death.

But last week the parole board cleared Connelly, who was given an indefinite sentence, to be released.

Baby P

And now, as she waits to be released from HMP Low Newton, near Durham City, Connelly has reportedly requested protection in prison, fearing her fellow inmates may want to take one last chance to attack her, reports the Mirror.

A source said: “Tracey Connelly is paranoid that she will be attacked following the parole board’s decision.

“The publicity around his parole has sparked renewed anger towards him in prison. She became a scarred woman again after years of keeping her head down.

HMP and YOI Low Newton Prison in Brasside, County Durham.
HMP and YOI Low Newton Prison in Brasside, County Durham.

“Tracey believes she will be stabbed and is almost afraid to venture out of her cell.”

Baby P’s death and the missed opportunities to prevent it horrified the nation.

Despite 60 visits, social workers never attempted to remove Peter from his mother’s care.

Connelly was convicted of causing or enabling Peter’s death in 2009 and was sentenced to an indefinite prison term with a minimum of five years.

She was released in 2013, but called back to prison in 2015 after violating the terms of her license by selling nude photos of herself.

Connelly’s parole hearing – his fourth since his recall to prison – was held March 15-16 via video.

The Parole Board has approved her release and it is believed she will be released in the coming weeks.

A report on the parole hearing said: ‘At the time of her offence, risk factors included Ms Connelly not managing certain aspects of her personality, quickly entering into relationships, prioritizing those relationships over everything, thinking a lot about sex and using sex to help him feel better about himself.

“The panel also considered risk factors to include Ms. Connelly’s inability to control her extreme emotions, lifestyle, decision-making, low self-esteem, manipulative behavior, dishonesty, lack of empathy towards the victim and their difficulties in coping with feelings of anger.”

The report concluded: “After reviewing the circumstances of her offense and the time spent on license, the progress made in custody, the evidence presented at the hearing and the recommendations of the witnesses, the panel was satisfied that Ms Connelly was fit to be released.

The Department of Justice has been contacted but declined to comment.

Barker, who was cleared of the murder but convicted of causing Baby P’s death, is still serving a life sentence.

Owen got a minimum of three years but briefly returned to prison in 2013 after a parole violation. It is believed that he is living under a new identity.