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Cutty Protection And Security celebrates its 25th anniversary

ByJanice K. Merrill

Jun 28, 2022

Phoenix, AZ, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cutty Protection and Security, a leading security and protection company, celebrates 25 years of providing professional security solutions to customers in Phoenix, Arizona . The company’s continued success in the security industry is as much due to its conscientious efforts to serve its customers with the highest standards of elite security services, as to its loyalty to the core values ​​of integrity, vigilance and helpfulness.

The company places great importance on ensuring that only the best security personnel are recruited to serve its customers. Uniformed officers must have at least five years of proven training with relevant practical and field experience. This commitment to providing qualified and knowledgeable service is what has led Cutty Protection and Security to be one of the few companies licensed to provide casino security in Arizona.

Rick Hanson, President and CEO, founded Cutty Protection and Security in 1997. He is an accomplished international protection officer with over 25 years of invaluable experience in the field. The first-class training provided to Phoenix security guards incorporates his expertise and wealth of knowledge.

Mr. Hanson uses his consulting experience with influential politicians, the rich and famous sports teams and their owners, as well as working with numerous corporate and private clients around the world, to ensure the exceptional professional services of Cutty Protection and Security. as one of the elite private security companies in Arizona.

Security and Prevention

Security guards are an integral part of effectively protecting businesses from potential threats from petty thieves and criminals, especially those operating in the overnight fast food, retail and convenience store industries.

As a professional commercial security company in Phoenix, Cutty Protection and Security can provide qualified and trained guards to give business owners the confidence to conduct business without fear, assist customers and employees, maintain security and prevent crime.

Additionally, businesses located in high-risk areas or dealing with high-end merchandise, such as jewelry stores and banks, gain peace of mind by employing trained security guards who can reassure employees and customers of not having to worry about their personal safety.

Professional services

There are several key reasons to use the expert services of Cutty Protection and Security to keep your business efficient and secure:

  • Safety Promise – While the mere presence of a uniformed security guard can be a great deterrent to crime, the professionals at Cutty Protection and Security have been specially trained to be on constant alert and able to perceive any suspicious activity. They have the ability to quickly assess a situation and react immediately to security breaches.
  • Customer service – Expert security guards can provide more than just protection for your business by also becoming trusted ambassadors of customer service. Their regular interaction with customers and customers from their location at reception or building entrances can enable them to help direct customers to larger stores, locate products and even escort them to their car after dark. This not only increases your customers’ sense of security, but also sends a strong message that your business is customer-centric.
  • Crime management – Although it is up to you whether your security guards are armed or not, Cutty Protection and Security guards have all been trained to handle all levels of security. This can range from taking notes and contacting the police, to detaining suspects who engage in criminal activity.
  • Well balanced – A professional security guard will not only spend their time actively patrolling commercial property, but may also be responsible for video surveillance, checking credentials, performing inspections for contraband, verifying manifests and restriction of access to certain areas. With their wide range of skills, business owners determine the specific tasks they want security guards to perform, whether it’s monitoring shoplifters, implementing loss prevention, watching the grounds after hours and opening or closing a business for the day. , which allows the entrepreneur to focus on the smooth running of his business.

More information

To learn more about Cutty Protection and Security, please visit their website at https://www.cuttyprotectionandsecurity.com/.

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