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Desperate for family consent, Odisha lovebirds seek police protection

ByJanice K. Merrill

Jun 2, 2022

A major drama unfolded at Bhubaneswar airport on Thursday after a young couple sought police protection to protect them from their family furious over their romance and decision to marry.

The couple who arrived at Bhubaneswar airport on Thursday from Bengaluru sought protection in anticipation of violence from the girl’s family. Soon, the airport police intervened and transferred the couple to the police station under escort.

According to reports, the girl from Odisha is studying medicine in Bengaluru, while her boyfriend is a Punjabi and works in a private organization in the same city.

Notably, the two had come into contact a few years ago but unfortunately had to separate under pressure from the girl’s parents. Recently, the duo decided to get married after getting in touch with each other. But the Odisha girl’s family have always opposed the decision.

The police station saw a tense situation on Thursday as the two families arrived at the scene and began accusing each other.

The girl’s father, in particular, insisted on bringing his daughter home and made it clear that he could not accept the Punjabi boy as his son-in-law.

“Every father wants a good husband for his daughter. The boy should be on a level to marry my doctor daughter. I don’t want to argue with the boy’s family because everything is planned by them,” the girl’s father said. .

He even alleged that the boy withdrew Rs 2 lakh from his daughter’s account a few years ago and the matter was resolved at the police station.

However, the boy’s family is eager to marry the duo. Speaking to OTV, the boy’s mother, Gurjeet Kaur, said: “They are adults. If they love each other, I think they should be allowed to get married. It will make everyone happy.