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Money Heist Recap, Season 5, Episode 10: A Family Tradition

ByJanice K. Merrill

Dec 5, 2021

Money theft

A family tradition

Season 5

Episode 10

Editor’s Note

3 stars

Photo: Netflix

Three full seasons inside the Bank of Spain! To come! Down! TO! THIS!

As the Professor joins his gang at the bank, they look hopeful and furious – but, of course, the nature of this show is to make us guess who knows what and when. Losing the gold to other thieves couldn’t have been part of the plan… could it? The professor’s vibrating rage couldn’t be an act … could he ?! Short answer to both: no. “The professor was playing the greatest game of poker in history,” Tokyo tells us. “But the craziest thing wasn’t that he was bluffing. It was because he didn’t have any cards and the person who was to find the game didn’t know where to start.

There is, however, a plan, and the professor sets it in motion upon entering. Shakir begins broadcasting a video the team took inside the bank, showing the world that they were really melting the gold in the vault, and how. And it turns out that Marseille wasn’t just dismantling the professor’s command post in the tank: it was also planting evidence that, along with CC camera footage and a GPS, convinced the cops that Marseille and his associates had driven their trucks. towards a port, hijacked a fishing boat, threw its cargo (emoji eyes) into the ocean and planted buoys so they could return.

At the same time, Sierra proves that the professor’s faith in his investigative skills was not out of place. She deduces that the gold is probably buried on private property, which was probably bought in the last few days, and coerced a land registry employee to obtain her information on recent cash sales. They are about to leave the Little Red House when Sierra notices that it is much newer than the other properties they are checking out; as she enters the locked courtyard – triggering a security sensor on the door – the slightest examination reveals how recently the flagstones and grass have been laid… but then Tatiana and her team speed up towards the location. As each gang stand at gunpoint, Sierra does the professor’s favor, handing Rafael the note the professor slipped him before they went their separate ways.

At the bank, Tamayo’s joy of having the professor in his clutches quickly wears off. Even brash Denver won’t testify to the plan in return for Tamayo’s darling deal: three million euros plus another 25,000 a month for life and Stockholm and Cincinnati join him in witness protection. This is striking because Denver was most dubious about the post-gold part of the professor’s plan, which is to go public with the theft from the reserve, derail the economy, and then extort the gold. government to grant its freedom in exchange for the restitution of gold and redress the markets. But the professor is (as usual) right. Markets fall 14% in a matter of hours. In a hurry to fix everything AND QUICKLY, Tamayo resorts to brute force, the only method he knows. As he hits the professor – now suspended in a stressful position next to Lisbon – he declares, “Either I win or no one else does.” But what if Tamayo is wrong about the meaning of “winning”? The professor paints a picture of Tamayo in a few months, looking at ever darker economic reports and remembering how he could have remedied them. Would CE Tamayo be a bigger winner than the one who worked with The Professor, recovered the gold and stopped the biggest economic collapse in history? “Either we both win or we both lose.” Tamayo still isn’t convinced, and leaving to listen to Lisbon and the professor talk, flirt and get engaged doesn’t get him any closer to solving his problems. Antoñanzo: “Despite the setbacks, they really love each other!

Don’t hate it, Tamayo. Tent living means finding entertainment where you can.

Tamayo tries to increase the pressure by staging his fake shootout, but as television begins to report that Navy ships are looking for gold in the ocean, the governor tells Tamayo that the Spanish economy is really fucked up. if they can’t fix it. Tamayo is therefore obliged to negotiate with the professor, who explains that Tamayo will give a press conference declaring that the police investigation succeeded in recovering the gold; doing so will be the signal for the professor’s outside gang to drive with him: “This is part of the plan.” The whole world will see that Tamayo won!

So… he does it!

Markets start to recover almost immediately even as Lisbon asks what’s going on; not all the secret is told in bed, the professor told him. As we jump back in time, we see Palermo, after class, threatening to leave the junkyard unless the teacher tells him how he’s going to get his people out. “What is the gold of a country? Asks the professor. ” Her wealth ? Palermo responds. “No,” the professor said. “It’s an illusion.” Spain does not make any transactions with this gold. “It’s a psychological safeguard.”

We return further to the professor in the Philippines two months after the Mint burglary, trying to prepare the Bank of Spain’s work to honor the memory of his recently deceased brother, all the cans of sardines piled on his shelf presumably giving him an idea. Palermo realizes that he is going to do to the Bank of Spain what Berlin did with the Norwegian Viking treasure: brass for gold. And… Tamayo understood this pretty much immediately and didn’t care that, as the professor notes, the brass ingots were real enough to stop the debt crisis. He gives Tamayo an honorable exit from this crisis because – the markets being what they are – only illusion matters. The small difference in metals in the reserve will be a secret handed down from president to president, but nothing will change, and FINALLY WHO IS SAFE, MONEY IS FALSE AS HELL. As Tamayo goes on the radio and starts counting to a kill order for all the hostages in the gang, the professor speaks faster and faster: if he shoots, it will prove to everyone in the gang. outside that the trunk is full of brass. The world and the markets have accepted the trick; it only remains for Tamayo to join them. The professor’s documentation will be posted online after his assassination and will reveal the fraud: “Either we both win or we both lose!” Tamayo is seething, but what is he going to do?

Well the gunshots we hear seem to indicate his decision just like his Following press conference, where he says the heist is over and the hostages are free. He adds that the thieves have been killed and begins to list their real names and pseudonyms (and … I want to mention “Pamplona” gives the game since Matías just gave himself this handle a few hours ago? Front door Denver screams in the tent at the news of his wife’s death, BUT Tamayo then tells the press that Denver gave important information; we see the military general who yelled at Tamayo throughout this episode slipping a file. in Denver, who opens it to find one of the professor’s origami horses, red paper, and he gets it …

… And then it’s a montage of all the gang members unzipping their body bags and sitting in their various ambulances – seemingly indifferent to the fact that their well-known faces are right next to the windows as they drive through the streets of the city ? Anyway, we go back to the professor telling Tamayo that no one is chasing a dead man, and unless he wants Spain’s biggest state secret to hit the press, the chase will end today ‘ hui.

Looks like he’s about to throw up, Tamayo watches the safe door close on a whoooooooole bunch of brass.

Then we are with Tatiana and Rafael, standing next to their now empty golden hole. “He would have wanted that,” he told her. (I don’t know why he suddenly cares what Berlin wanted; he also wanted to be married to Tatiana, if I remember correctly!) Tatiana asks if Rafael is sure the professor will give him his share? He is: “It’s a family affair.

Twenty-four hours later, everyone finds themselves in an aircraft hangar, protected by a military escort so that the professor can hand over all new passports and identities to these officially dead thieves. The professor says with emotion that not everything has worked out the way they wanted it to, and some of them are not there: “But we got something out of it.” Sierra is the latest arrival; he has a passport for her and one for Victoria, which is thoughtful; I hope he also got her a birth certificate? I’d also love to see Sierra stop putting Victoria in the passenger seat, but I realize that’s probably not a substantial enough topic for a sequels series. After sending Sierra away with one more hug, the professor asks where the money is. It turns out that Portugal, in the prefabricated house, in the back of a truck with Benjamín.

All that remains is to pile up in the military helicopter and set off again for a new, very comfortable life!

And for the professor and Palermo to share one last meaningful look at the man they both loved so much. And that’s it until that same man comes back in that spin-off and the producers (I guess) hope you forget he’s a rapist!

• Denver is one of the last to arrive at the hangar; Stockholm runs madly in his arms. I guess sex with him really fixed her! (Ugh.) Dock the one star episode for this, again.

• After all the talk about getting investors to short sell Spain, was I the only one who expected to learn that The Professor had made even MORE money from this perfectly legal ploy? ?

• We have never been clear on who is currently looking after Elvis the dog, which, after Stockholm’s mismanagement of mental illness and his supposed recovery, is the biggest disappointment of the season.