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PNP ready to deploy more cops to election ‘hot spots’

ByJanice K. Merrill

Apr 27, 2022

(Photo courtesy of PNP)

MANILA Maj. Gen. Valeriano de Leon, director of operations for the Philippine National Police, said Wednesday he was ready to increase the number of police in areas that have been or will be declared hotspots under the control of the Election Commission. (Comelec).

De Leon, who is also the concurrent deputy commander of the National Security Task Force on National and Local Elections, said the PNP has mobilized the Civil Disturbance Management (CDM) unit to help preserve peace and security. security for the elections of May 9, 2022.

“There are reports and information that groups and individuals are trying to disrupt the outcome of the elections. So ngayon pinaghahandaan lang natin ito (We are preparing for this),” he told reporters after a simultaneous logistical readiness test and dispatch ceremony held at Camp Crame in Quezon City.

De Leon also dismissed rumors of a possible destabilization in time for the election.

“It’s just speculation. But, like I said, you know when you plan your contingency lahat ng mga possible na pwedeng mangyari kaya i appreciate itong subtask ng group logistics (all possible scenarios that may occur, which is why we appreciate the creation of a Logistics Sub-Working Group) as these are pre-activities for our May 2nd Kick Off Ceremony,” he said, referring to the presentation. equipment that will be used by the authorities during the elections.

De Leon said the bugging of the CDMs is part of the PNP’s contingency plan for the elections.

He said this was to ensure a smooth, peaceful and safe ballot and to prevent any form of violence before, during and after the elections are held.

“This is in preparation for the election as well as post-election activities, kasi kailangan natin paghandaan ang mga (because we have to prepare for) possible scenarios. So it’s part of our contingency planning,” De Leon said.

Del Leon said two mobile force units with 81 police officers will be placed in each province.

During the shipment handover ceremony, several radios, weapons, rifles, shields, body armor and hazmat suits were handed over to personnel who will be on duty on election day. There was also transport equipment such as motorcycles and police patrols.

The leader of the PNP, General Dionardo Carlos, said the role of the police is important during the elections.

He said that even before the election period, the PNP continues to establish plans and strategies to ensure security and order in the communities during the conduct of the May 9 national and local elections.

The PNP ensures that there is sufficient logistical support for police personnel and troops which will ultimately lead to the proper management of security operations during the elections, he said.

“I urge every member of the PNP and other law enforcement agencies to exercise discipline and professionalism in leading our respective task force for the safe, honest and orderly conduct of the elections. Further, the partnership between the PNP, AFP, Coast Guard, Comelec and the cooperation of the public is therefore crucial and requires proper coordination and integration to effectively achieve our main objective,” he added.

For his part, Major General Ronaldo Olay, director of the PNP’s logistics directorate, said the equipment is not actually new but refurbished or properly maintained for use.

“For our transport equipment for our ground vehicles across PNP, we have 15,000 deployable transport equipment to include 239 watercraft and aircraft such as the H125 and R44,” Olay said.

“It involves all the PNP units, the various regional police offices and the NSUs and they have their own logistical equipment. This logistical equipment is already deployed in our PROs (Regional Police Offices) and NSUs (National Support Units), and they are in fact now used to escort, secure the movement of our automated electoral system and official ballots from the Comelec center to the various regional and provincial hubs,” explained Olay.

He added that the PNP started escorting automated electoral systems and official ballots from April 2 to 19 for the automated electoral system and from April 20 to May 5 for official ballots.

Meanwhile, PNP General-in-Chief Dionardo Carlos assured that the police units are ready to perform electoral duty as Comelec deputy agents.

The PNP leader witnessed a confrontational inspection and logistical readiness test of police resources and equipment that will be deployed for election security operations during the national and local elections on May 9, 2022.

“Twelve days before the elections, all PNP units in the country have redoubled their efforts to ensure security in the polling centers,” Carlos said.

“We will ensure that sufficient numbers of police officers are deployed to polling stations to ensure the safety of voters and election officials, and to enforce minimum health protocols,” he added. (NAP)