• Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Police conduct active shooter training at Mount Kisco Elementary School

ByJanice K. Merrill

Oct 22, 2022

A training exercise was held at a primary school in North Westchester to prepare police and first responders for active shooter incidents.

The training took place Wednesday evening, Oct. 19, at Mount Kisco Elementary School at 47 West Hyatt Ave., according to Westchester County Police.

At the school, drills were held focused on the protocols and procedures that should be used by first responders during a mass shooting, police said.

Part of this also includes separating into “rescue task forces”, so that teams of police, fire and emergency responders can be deployed to quickly and safely bring medical aid to seriously injured people. , according to the authorities.

This training model was created in response to other shooting incidents where first responders were unable to get to injured victims due to the continued threat of active shooter, police said.

“In this model, officers escort firefighters and EMS personnel to victims and provide necessary protection against this active shooter,” police said.

During the drills, real-life conditions, including blaring fire alarms, smoke in the hallways and groaning actors playing the victims, were simulated to give responders “challenges and curve balls”, according to police.

Responders also practiced other scenarios during the training, including using the school gymnasium to simulate a shooting at a nightclub.

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