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PSI Strongly Condemns Pesantren Owner Who Assaulted 13 Students

ByJanice K. Merrill

Dec 9, 2021

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) spokeswoman Mary Silvita on Thursday urged the public to closely monitor the horrific court proceedings sexual violence case against 13 students in Islamic boarding schools (Pesantren) in Bandung. The school owner and teacher allegedly assaulted his own students for several years.

This case of serious sexual violence has shocked the public after news broke about the owner of a teacher and founder of a boarding school, Herry Wirawan, sexually assaulting victims aged 13 to 16. Her disgusting crime is said to have resulted in the delivery of eight of the students.

Wirawan is the founder of three boarding schools: Tahfiz al-Ikhlas, the Manarul Huda Antapani Foundation and Madani Boarding School Cibiru. He was arrested on May 18. He is also a well-known figure in Bandung, affiliated with the local branch of the Islamic organization MUI and the head of the Bandung Islamic boarding school forum.

“We will collectively ‘accompany’ this case and push for the most severe punishment for the abuser. He deserves chemical castration, ”Silvita said in a written statement Dec. 9.

She said the PSI Solidarity Committee for the Protection of Women and Children (KSPPA) decided to directly escort the legal proceedings of the tragic case and the protection of young girls and their parents.

However, conflicting data regarding the number of babies born prompted PSI to conduct an independent investigation on December 4 and visit boarding schools. Of the many anomalies they found at the scene, the most depressing was when neighbors at one of the residential schools realized the existence of toddlers who looked suspiciously similar to the suspect and are all of the same age.

PSI’s questioning of neighbors also revealed that boarding school students would also immediately enter their rooms upon the teacher’s arrival. Another depressing fact was that neighbors of the suspect’s residential schools often saw teenage students doing daily chores and even working on building a door for one of the Islamic residential schools instead of studying.

Mary insists the suspect deceived and physically exploited his students and completely ruined the future of the teenage students. Sadly, she said the public may never know the true death toll as many students have graduated Pesantren over the years.

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