• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Specialized training that toughens the SSG, reconnaissance officers [VIDEO]

On Thursday, December 9, social media was inundated with a video of recent General Service Unit (GSU) graduates celebrating the end of their course in what the National Police Service (NPS) called indecent behavior and irresponsible.

The video elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans online about the type of training recruits undergo at a camp seen as one of the most elite and disciplined in the country.

Talk to Kenyans.co.keSecurity expert George Musamali noted that recruits undergo a 15-month basic training which includes theory and practical basics such as crowd control and practical police theory.

In addition, recruits also take Liberal Studies, a newly created course aimed at training officers on how to deal with the public in a humane manner.

The rigorous training of SSG recruits includes technical and tactical firearms, impact weapons training as well as combat training; melee training without the use of firearms.

“In the case of graduates, they take a 15-month basic training course, and it integrates everything. A so-called liberal studies program has also been put in place to train officers in how to deal with the public in a humane manner. basic for every recruit to go through this type of training and once deployed they will get specialized training in the units you have been deployed to, ”he said.

He noted that those who are deployed to protect the president are split into two: those who guard the various state palaces and those who offer close protection to the head of state.

“For example, there is a training called Fixed Site Security Training. It is a type of training that keeps the State House. You will find that the group that was deployed to Karen for Vice President William Ruto, has followed the training.

“The training is primarily offered to GSU officers who will perform presidential guard duties, however, it is different from those who provide close protection like the Presidential Escort Unit as they are trained to deal with threats when they are on the move outside the State House (training of close protection officers) “, he stressed.

Close protection officer training involves live contact exercises where officers engage in different modules such as avoidance driving, precision training, reversals, and fast moving forward – known as name of 180 J-Turns.

In addition, officers practice incorporating an L-shaped technique to surround the VIP in the event of a rushed ambush. In a situation where the VIP is in danger, a vehicle swap tactic is employed whereby the person of interest is quickly picked up by a getaway car while the rest of the retail agrees to provide coverage.

Musamali also hinted that those guarding the State House only receive small elements of close protection officer training, but on a need-to-know basis.

“For example, if the president is to tour Kisii County and the officers are informed that he will be staying at a certain location, an advance team is dispatched two weeks before going to the specified location, proposing a security plan and collect information. If the area is too hostile, the event is stopped for security reasons. “

He noted that the forward team includes people from the National Intelligence Service (NIS), the Presidential Protection Unit and the G.

For those who keep the president close, the security detail plots route selection, performs risk and threat analysis according to the training program.

Reconnaissance officers conducting a security exercise at JKIA in 2016