• Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

The government does not train mercenaries – Nitiwul

ByJanice K. Merrill

Nov 9, 2022

Defense Minister Dominic Nitiwul has dismissed claims by the minority in parliament that the government is training mercenaries for the presidency.

The allegation was first made by social media commentator Kelvin Taylor, who claimed that some mercenaries were being trained by a senior security official at Jubilee House.

The minority in parliament subsequently called on the government to investigate allegations of mercenary training for the presidency.

Rankings member of Parliament’s Defense and Home Affairs Committee, James Agalga, has called on the government to speak out on the matter.

“The minority takes the expose very seriously, and we demand that the government come to clarify whether it is really true that mercenaries have been brought into this country and are being trained in Asutsuare, and that they are being taken by escorts to Asutsuare every morning by bus to train?

But the defense minister, during a press briefing in parliament, called the allegations unfounded, adding that the government had no intention of compromising state security.

“Let me state that this President will hand over the baton to the duly elected President of Ghana on the 7the of January 2025. No one will interfere in the choice of the Ghanaian people, neither the army, nor the police, nor any politician.

“This government has not brought anyone into Jubilee House who is not a soldier, who is not a policeman or who is not in national security. We haven’t done that since we came to power, and we have no intention of doing that,” Nitiwul said.