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The Governor’s Mounted Guard of the Second Company organizes the graduation of the recruits

ByJanice K. Merrill

Jul 3, 2022

Posted: Jul 03, 2022 7:00 AM

Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard (2GHG) recruit graduation was held at 2GHG Fairfield Hills on 26 June. It was the culmination of five months of training, which took place every weekend from February. Training included drill, mounted and dismounted ceremonial drills, and equine studies.

Cadets Josephine Fico-DiNello of Newtown, Melissa Sipos of Newtown and Nancy Newkirk of Danbury received cavalry spurs and diplomas. State Representative Mitch Bolinsky and second draftsman Ed Schierloh joined former COs and other distinguished guests, as well as cadet families, in honor of the new soldiers.

To learn more about the Horse Guard and learn about the next recruiting class, everyone is invited to join 2GHG for its annual Open Day, which will take place at the Horse Guard grounds on Saturday 10th September. Details can be found on the Horse Guard Facebook page, or by calling 203-270-6203.

The 2GHG is an all-volunteer state-organized militia unit originally formed to protect and escort the Governor. As an active cavalry unit, 2GHG continues to serve the Governor and State of Connecticut under the direction of the Connecticut Army National Guard, under the command of the Adjutant General. The unit’s primary duties are as a ceremonial unit, participating in parades, and public educational service in schools, scout groups, and special needs.

One of the oldest continuously serving Cavalry units in the United States, 2GHG was chartered in 1808 and has had a history over the years of dedicated service and preservation of the Cavalry in Connecticut. 2GHG always remains mindful of its responsibilities to the citizens of Connecticut and grateful to those who have made its existence possible.

The Second Company Governor’s Mounted Guard presented cavalry spurs and graduation certificates to Privates Josephine Fico-DiNello, Nancy Newkirk and Melissa Sipos, who all participated in a cake-cutting ceremony during the graduation ceremony for recruits to the Mounted Guard on June 26.

Privates Nancy Newkirk, Melissa Sipos, and Josephine Fico-DiNello at the Second Company Governor’s Mounted Guard recruit graduation ceremony.—Photos courtesy of Marleen Cafarelli, Photo and Video Art Works