• Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Trowbridge station: a woman thanks the teenagers for their protection

ByJanice K. Merrill

Nov 9, 2022

A woman returning from London by train wants to publicly thank three teenage girls for helping her at Trowbridge station – and calls for the place to be made safer.

She asked the girl for help after feeling threatened by a man watching and following her on the final leg of her journey from Westbury.

The girls volunteered to escort him across the station walkway to the safety of his car in the pouring rain despite being dressed for a night out in Bath.

The 59-year-old professional – who had traveled to London for a work conference – said: “I had been walking around the platform wondering what to do when the man followed me off the train.

“If they hadn’t been there, I really don’t know what I would have done. It’s only fair and appropriate to thank the girls for their help.”

The woman, who lives in Hilperton, does not wish to be named but works from home as a consultant for a London firm.

The woman’s concerns follow a work trip to London on October 21, returning to Trowbridge after 8pm. She said: “It was dark, it was pouring rain and the station was deserted. »

As she got off the train on Platform 1, she said she instinctively felt in danger when a man who had been watching her since the train change at Westbury followed her so closely that he almost fell when she stopped.

She added: “The man may have been doing his business innocently or not: it’s certainly not a risk a woman would want to take.”

She has now urged station managers, Great Western Railway, to improve security at the station.

“Trowbridge is the county town of Wiltshire, but this station is dark, deserted and has no facilities,” she said.

“It’s so neglected. No one feels safe to go back there at night. It’s time something was done about this.”

In response, a GWR said: “We would like to reassure her that the safety of our passengers is of the utmost importance.

“Trowbridge is a well-lit station that meets the required safety standards; is CCTV protected and has functional help points on both platforms.

“We also work closely with the British Transport Police who patrol our trains and stations and encourage any passenger who witnesses unusual activity on the railway to report it to a member of staff or a police officer.”